What is DPC

Direct Primary Care is a low-cost medical practice model where primary care physicians have direct relationships with their patients. Medical decisions are made by the doctor and patient as a team, and DPC doctors are reimbursed directly by their patients, or their patients’ employers. Because cost is greatly reduced, insurance is no longer necessary for primary care, which is what most patients seek medical care for.

How DPC is Changing the Healthcare Environment

Direct Primary Care separates common, simple medical conditions from requiring insurance. Ironically, this “primary care” consists of the majority of healthcare needs, reducing the need, and cost, for insurance to rare and expensive events.

Patient Perspective

Direct Primary Care was created for patients. Patients of DPC practices enjoy high-quality primary care medical services for less cost. In addition to medical services found in a primary care setting, patients typically receive longer visits, improved access to DPC practices and physicians, less waiting times, telemedicine convenience, and an emphasis on prevention of ill health. Patients reimburse DPC practices directly, or via their employers.